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Delta 9 In The News

In an article posted last night by human capital leadership intelligence gurus Hunt Scanlon, co authors Stephen Sawicki and Scott Scanlon presented an in-depth profile of the only dedicated executive search firm focused on the cannabis industry (hint: it's us!). The article features our very own Dan Ogden detailing the highs & lows of the business, some of the risks involved with entering the market, and a few roles we've been working on, all with a touch of humor. You can find the article on their site here.


Aleks Novikova is Research Lead at Delta 9 Search, the only dedicated cannabis industry executive search firm in the Western Hemisphere, and has been with the company since the get-go, working directly on its marketing and recruiting efforts. To find out how Delta 9 can help your company identify and attract the key executives it needs to thrive and grow in the cannabis industry, shoot us an email, or give us a ring at 212.390.8190.


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