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Marijuana Industry Says Trump Can't Turn Back The Clock On Legal Pot

Marijuana mogul Steve DeAngelo has been prepping his team for years on protocol if a federal raid occurs. He, like many others, knows the risks that come with the business. But with cannabis legal in some form in over half the country, is a ‘cannabis crackdown’ really likely? Trump’s administration has given some mixed signals on the matter, but one thing is certain, they aren’t in favor. Spicer and Sessions are two of the biggest anti-marijuana advocates. Trump, being the jobs president that he is, should theoretically be a proponent of the booming industry. Is the government willing to “ get rid of a regulated, taxed industry and replace it with an unregulated, untaxed industry”? Alyson Martin of Buzzfeed delves further into the facts, giving insight to the potential future of the industry. Continue reading on BuzzFeed.


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